Run a Cleaner Shop with a Tramp Oil Separator

Metal shops are dirty. But, there are ways to make your shop run cleaner and feel cleaner for employees, too. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to clean up your shop is with a tramp oil separator.

A tramp oil separator helps you to keep your machine coolant clean. It works by separating the dirty oil from the coolant, allowing the coolant to be used over and over. This helps ensure your shop looks, smells and feels cleaner because you eliminate the smell of old, dirty oil. Keeping your shop cleaner for your employees can even reduce the number of sick days employees use each year since the cleaner shop reduces the chances of them contracting respiratory illnesses.

In addition to making your shop cleaner, a tramp oil separator helps you run a more efficient shop, too. Recycling your coolant reduces the amount of coolant you use each year, as well as the amount you must dispose of. By reducing the amount of coolant, you use, you can save up to 80% of your coolant costs. Using less coolant means disposing of less coolant, too, which reduces disposal costs, as well.

Keeping your shop cleaner makes it more efficient and makes your employees happier, too. When you combine cost savings with running a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing shop, it’s definitely a win-win situation. It’s also an easy change to make to your business.

Talk with the experts about the details and costs of putting a tramp oil separator into your shop. This addition will probably cost less than you think, and one that pays for itself very quickly in cost savings. It’s a simple addition to your shop that will have multiple benefits for both you and your employees.