Reviewing Proper Procedures With A Product Liability Lawyer

In Kentucky, consumers retain the right to hold manufacturers accountable when they are injured while using their products. A product’s liability exists when the manufacturer is aware of conditions that may produce injuries and fail to warn consumers. A Product Liability Lawyer provides legal assistance for all victims with a viable legal claim.

Reporting the Product Appropriately

The victim of the product’s liability reports the product to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency through their attorney. The report includes the exact product name and description. The consumer provides a full account of how their injuries were produced. They must also disclose the exact injuries produced. The information is reviewed by the agency and further action is taken according to the risk to the public.

Presenting Medical Evidence for Injuries

The victim provides medical records for their injuries with their claim. The records provide detailed information about how the injuries occurred and all treatment provided. Their doctor must provide information about any on-going treatment needed for the condition. They should also identify how the injury may affect the consumer in the future if it is permanent.

Product Testing and Analysis

If the Consumer Rights Protection Agency launches an investigation, they provide product testing and analysis. The findings of the investigation define the exact risks associated with the product. The packaging and labeling of the product are reviewed also to determine if the manufacturer followed all consumer rights laws. The findings also determine if a product recall is necessary.

The Effects of a Product Recall

A product recall requires the manufacturer to take action to correct conditions created by their products. This action may equate to a full refund for all consumers who purchased it or repairs for the product. The recall may also require payment for medical treatment for victims.

In Kentucky, consumers who are injured while using products may have a viable claim against the manufacturer. Their claim is viable if the manufacturer released a product that presented risks to consumers. It is also viable if the manufacturer was aware of the condition and failed to warn consumers. Victims of these avoidable injuries should hire a Product Liability Lawyer by visiting website for more information. You can also connect them on Facebook.