Reviewing Opportunities For A Product’s Liability Case With An Attorney In Upper Marlboro, MD

In Maryland, all consumers maintain protecting through both state and federal laws. These laws prohibit the release of any product on the market that could produce consumer-based injuries. When an injury occurs, the consumer maintains the right to file a claim against the manufacturer. An attorney in Upper Marlboro MD helps the victim follow the necessary steps to accomplish this goal.

Reporting to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The most vital step any consumer can take in these cases is to file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. This agency manages the investigation of hazardous products that were released to consumers. They determine if the product presents a risk based on the flaw in the design or its assembly. Once the product is deemed risky, the agency issues a recall. The results of the recall either allow the consumers to acquire a refund and damages or the manufacturer must repair the product.

Conducting Further Product Testing

Product testing is necessary to identify the flaw in the design that generated the risk. Thorough testing is performed by the Consumer Rights Protection Agency as well as local facilities working for the victim’s attorney. The purpose of testing is to determine if the manufacturer was aware of the risks before the product was assembled. If they had previous knowledge, they failed to protect consumers and didn’t provide adequate warning for conditions that could produce injuries.

Forensic Analysis of the Product and the Victim’s Injuries

Forensic analysis is a necessary part of these cases. It allows the court to identify all conditions that could produce injuries. It also connects the victim’s injuries with the use of the product. The scientists that test the product identify the exact pattern that caused the victim’s injuries.

In Maryland, consumers possess protection under applicable laws. These laws prevent manufacturers from capitalizing on the misfortune of consumers. They also dictate how products should be tested before they are released to the public. A failure to comply with these laws makes the manufacturer liable for any injuries that are produced. Victims of a product’s liability should contact Law Office Of Danny R. Seidman to hire an Attorney in Upper Marlboro MD now.