Reviewing Information A Vehicle Insurance Agent In Magnolia Can Provide

In Texas, all auto owners must follow strict legislature pertaining to auto liability coverage. The state is a fault state and requires all drivers to purchase at least liability coverage. The insurance requirements are enforced. They require the driver to show proof when they are stopped in traffic by law enforcement officers. A Vehicle Insurance Agent in Magnolia provides answers for all local auto owners about coverage requirements.

The Minimum Requirements for Auto Coverage

Currently, the state of Texas requires auto liability only. The policy must provide $30,000 for the first injuries sustained in an accident. The maximum payout requirement for a multiple-injury auto accident is $60,000. The policy must also provide no less than $25,000 for any property that is damaged during the accident. This includes automobiles, residential, and commercial properties.
What Happens if the Owner Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Any automobile owner who doesn’t have insurance receives a citation. The citation is issued by law enforcement officers or clerks at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The auto owner must provide a new proof of coverage to avoid penalties. The penalties could range from a fine of up to $200 or a driver’s license suspension. In cases in which the auto owner has been convicted of the violation multiple times, they could face impoundment of their vehicle.

Protecting Against Lawsuits

The insurance is enforced to provide protection against lawsuits. After an accident, the at-fault driver must file a claim through their insurance carrier. The claim must provide payments for any medical treatment requirements. It must also provide payment for any repayment for property damage as well.

Possible Discounts for Insurance

Discounts are available according to any moving violations committed by the auto owner. These violations could increase the total premium. Auto owners with clean driving records receive discounts after the first year of coverage.

In Texas, all auto owners purchase auto liability coverage based on the state’s auto insurance laws. They must comply or face penalties based on a failure to follow the law. A local Vehicle Insurance Agent in Magnolia provides the owners with information about available policies. Auto owners who need help with a policy can Visit us today.