Restore your Confidence by Restoring your Hair in NYC

One of the most important tools needed to succeed in today’s professional world is confidence. While character and work ethic will help you succeed once you have the job, it will likely be confidence that helps you walk through the front door and nail the interview. Without confidence, success may pass you by. For many people, confidence stems from self-identity. And a big part of how we identify is by how we look. When our looks change, our identity changes – and our confidence with it. A huge element of our appearance and identity is our hair. Like it or not, when people lose hair they begin to view themselves differently and lose confidence. But what if you could restore this sense of identity and confidence by undergoing hair restoration in NYC? Is it possible? What are your options?

For most individuals, hair loss is a genetic issue. While certain illnesses, medications, and periods of extreme diet changes or stress may cause hair loss, the vast majority is simply DNA. For females, this is known as genetic female pattern hair loss; for men, this is known as “androgenic alopecia” or male pattern hair loss. Female pattern hair loss can be somewhat complicated and there are a variety of ways in which the genetic condition actually leads directly to the hair loss. For men, it’s a fairly straightforward and well understood process where hair follicles are susceptible to attack by a common androgen or “male” hormone. While there are two FDA approved hair loss medications available – finasteride for men and minoxidil for male and female patients – most find hair transplant surgery as the most effective method of hair restoration in NYC.

During a hair transplant, permanent hair follicles from the safe “donor zone” on the sides and back of the scalp are extracted and re-implanted into the bald and thinning areas in the front and top of the scalp. Once moved, these follicles grow and thrive permanently. Large amounts of follicles – actually known as “follicular units” or “follicular unit grafts” – can be moved in one sitting and “packed” densely into the thinning regions to recreate the appearance of thick, natural hair. When searching for the right clinic to perform your surgical hair restoration in NYC, it is important that you look for a true “hair transplant institute.” While many New York based clinics claim to be hair restoration experts, only few have large, stand-alone facilities with highly-trained staff dedicated solely to hair transplant surgery. This is what you as a patient need to look for. We at Feller & Bloxham are dedicated to helping you restore your confidence by naturally restoring your hair, and we invite you to reach out at to get started today.