Residential Roll-Off Dumpsters Rental in Waterloo, IA: What Not to Put In the Dumpster

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Waste Management

When people know they are going to have a lot of trash and waste to dispose of, such as when they’re remodeling a home, getting ready to move, or spring cleaning, they sometimes make preparations to help them deal with this waste. These preparations often include residential roll-off dumpsters rental in Waterloo, IA. While you might think you can throw anything in a dumpster, this isn’t the case.

Anything Recyclable

Although you can technically put these things into a dumpster, why would you want to? You can usually recycle cardboard, paper, glass, and some types of plastic for free. You pay for the dumpster based on how full you fill it or how much it weighs, so this just doesn’t make sense.

Dangerous Items

Anything that you can’t put in the regular trash because it contains dangerous chemicals or could cause problems in landfills also doesn’t belong in dumpsters. This means you can’t put in any type of batteries, oil, gas, pesticides, paints, or paint thinners.

Electronics and Appliances

These contain chemicals that make them unsafe for disposal in the regular trash. Some companies will accept them for recycling free of charge while others may charge a small fee. You can also bring them in at certain times to municipal trash sites for disposal. Always check whether the company will take away the old appliances when you purchase new ones to save you the headache of disposal.


Check with the company, but residential roll-off dumpsters rental in Waterloo, IA doesn’t usually allow the disposal of tires. There are programs around where you can drop tires off for recycling, and some tire and auto parts companies will accept them as well.

Mattresses and Box Springs

These items typically aren’t allowed in dumpsters either. However, some companies will take them away when they deliver new ones, and there are also recycling options available in many areas. Sometimes, you can even arrange to leave them on the sidewalk for pickup by your trash company.

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