Residential Air Conditioning Contractors in Titusville, FL Recommend Regular AC Servicing

Homes that feature central air conditioning may also have a problem with filtration soil lines. In order to keep soil lines from appearing, it is essential to replace or routinely clean an AC’s filter. That is why it is always important, especially in Florida, to prep your AC for the summer. That means contacting a reliable AC contractor.

Uncover the AC Coil

Residential air conditioning contractors in Titusville, FL are well-experienced in servicing the outdoor AC units and replacing the filters inside. When inspecting and checking the outdoor unit, technicians often make sure that any coverings (lids or blankets) are removed from the unit’s core. That is why you need to call a service technician to perform routine maintenance.

Homeowners often forget to take off the covers on their AC coils each year, which can lead to some serious repairs. If the coil cover is not removed, then a major repair may be required or the system may need to be replaced.

Are All the Unit Panels Intact?

Next, residential air conditioning contractors examine the unit panels on the AC. The panels are made to protect and enclose the electrical circuitry. Therefore, they need to be in place and intact to safeguard the air conditioning system. If a panel has blown away or is not lined up correctly, the safety risk is increased as well. Again, have a technician assess the problem before operating the system.

Clean Off the Coil

If you find any debris or vegetation next to the air conditioning coil, make sure that it is removed. To obtain the best performance from your residential air conditioning in Titusville, FL, you need to make sure that the area around the AC coil is clean. If you see a good bit of pollen or dust, remove the residue with a garden hose. Directly spray the coil itself and stay clear of the electric panels.

According to residential air conditioning contractors, the filter for the air conditioner should be changed each season. If the filter is not regularly changed, a dirty flow of air can hamper the AC coil’s heat-absorbing ability. Also, by changing the filter, your energy consumption will drop by about 10%.