Refitting Your Plumbing: When Copper Takes the Gold

If you are experiencing low water pressure, brown-tinted or metallic-flavored water, or plumbing leaks in your home, it may be time to switch your pipes from galvanized to copper in Skokie. Having your pipes refitted or rerouted for copper plumbing can have several economic, health, and practical benefits, making it a gold-medal option for improving your home.

Why Your Pipes May Need to Be Replaced

Many older homes were constructed with galvanized piping, which has a zinc interior that can rust and corrode over time. Rust from your pipes can end up in both your drinking and bathing water or build up to limit water flow. Corrosion can lead to pinhole leaks, which can cause expensive water damage in your home and contribute to unhealthy mold and mildew.

Why You Should Consider Switching From Galvanized to Copper in Skokie

Copper can be a long-lasting solution to the risks of galvanized plumbing. Copper is resistant to both corrosion and bacterial growth, which may make it ideal for supporting running water over the lifetime of your home. Because copper is a natural, chemical-free mineral, it may be more environmentally friendly than other alternatives to galvanized pipes, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes. Its lightweight strength makes it further suitable for running long sections without additional supports. Copper can also withstand high temperatures and high pressure and can more easily adjust to cycles of freezing and thawing. If these extreme conditions affect your home, you can have less reason to worry about potential pipe bursts. Additionally, switching to copper plumbing may add value to your home and attract potential homebuyers.

Get Started

Find a local company that can help you refit your plumbing from galvanized to copper in Skokie. Make sure the company is reputable among both professionals and its clients and that it is licensed and insured. Some companies offer video inspections which investigate the causes of plumbing troubles before breaking ground on your property, and many may offer free consultations.

Refitting your home with copper pipes and replacing old galvanized ones may have many practical benefits. This can be an important step to ensure the safety and health of your family and take your home to gold-medal copper standards.