Reasons You Should Install Lap Pools and Plunge Pools

If there is one type of physical activity that you should be indulging in on a regular basis, it is swimming. By taking a dip in lap or plunge pools constructed and fitted on your premises, you can cool off from the Australian heat whenever you desire. Proven to relieve stress and relax, swimming could help you to build your cardio endurance and it is a good way to encourage family members to get together. In addition to this, it presents you with an opportunity to invite guests round for barbecues, drinks and watersports. Before you take the plunge and invest in these indoor or outdoor enhancements, read on to learn the benefits.

Lap Pool Benefits

These swimming pools are designed for the athletic individual – for the person who wants to get in shape for summer and who enjoys getting a daily exercise fix. Lap pools are often used by Olympic swimmers, because their simplistic, long design allows the swimmer to complete long laps and really test their physical ability. Bear in mind that you will need more space if you are to get a lap pool installed, but you can still spruce it up a bit by requesting for water fountains, statues and other features to be installed.

Plunge Pool Benefits

A vast majority of people will opt for a plunge pool if they prefer to exercise and get stuck into watersports in deeper water. Favoured by people who perform CrossFit exercises, a plunge pool is usually quite small in design and can be installed with water jets, underwater massage features, bubble mechanisms, etc. The design options are fairly widespread and the fact that you can simply lounge in a pool of this kind to speed up recovery time and reduce soreness following an injury makes it the ideal side addition to a lap pool.

Choose from Distinctive Designs

You may need to set aside a bit of time to really think about what swimming pool design you want, because the options are varied. The simplest option would be the square or rectangular-shaped pool, with the kidney-shaped pool and circular-shaped pool also proving very popular. Consider how much space you are able to work with and take existing structures and obstructions into account to make the installation process faster and cheaper. Working around obstructions will likely cost more but concrete pools can be poured into pretty much many mould, so keep this in mind.

A selection of heat and filtration systems can be installed when you hire the Design Pools team to fit lap and plunge pools. For more information, call 0418 212 933.