Reasons Why You Should Use Opeeka Person-Centered Intelligence Services

Person-centered intelligence services are being used to connect care teams, help them be more efficient, and gather and share data elegantly and practically. They also can help Whole Person Care Model teams work across disciplines, from physical to mental health.


Person-centered intelligence services improve the patient’s recovery by giving them a personal experience with the healthcare provider. This is so for the organization as it improves its reputation. A patient can recover at a reasonable price than going to a hospital for treatment.

More Effective

The job of a staff member at a healthcare facility is to provide care centered around the person’s needs. This allows for a more individualized approach to each patient to improve outcomes. The focus on the patient’s needs also leads to higher satisfaction levels with care.


The person-centered intelligence services offer solutions to their client’s health and wellness needs. They also provide information on what to eat, how to exercise, and how to manage stress to allow patients to make a more informed decision. Patients have access to personal consultations with nutritionists and exercise experts available for advice.

Respect for Patient

Person-centered intelligence services give healthcare professionals a better understanding of their patients. This helps them to create a value based care model. The patient values, beliefs, needs, and preferences are taken into account throughout the service, which makes for a more personal and practical connection.

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