Reasons Using Dental Implant Services in Surrey BC can be the Best Choice for Replacement Teeth

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Dentist

Anyone who is dealing with missing teeth knows how inconvenient and embarrassing the situation can be. Many times people who have lost teeth may not smile, speak or socialize with others because they are embarrassed about the way their teeth look. In addition, lost teeth can be painful. This is especially true when trying to eat certain types of foods. While many people may look to dentures, bridges or other types of replacement teeth options to fix the problem, often using dental implant services in  Surrey BC can be a better choice.

When a person uses other types of replacement teeth options, often the teeth are not stable and they can move about. This can make talking difficult. Teeth that slip can also be embarrassing if they fall out of a person’s mouth or slip down in a noticeable way. This can often make a person very self-conscious. The movement of the replacement teeth can also cause sores in the mouth. In many cases, this movement can cause the wearer to experience a lot of pain.

By using dental implant services in Surrey BC to replace lost teeth, these types of issues are not a problem. This is because dental implants are created with a stable foundation that resembles a person’s natural teeth. By inserting metal rods into the patient’s jawbone, it provides an anchor for the teeth to be attached to. This prevents the teeth from moving or slipping regardless of the activity.

Dental implants rely on rods that are surgically placed into the jawbone. These rods are then left to bond with the bone before dental appliances, like crowns, bridges or dentures are attached. This is vital in ensuring the new replacement teeth do not move.

Since the dental appliances are permanently adhered to the rods they are stable, just like a person’s natural teeth. Implants not only look natural but they feel natural as well. This can be a great benefit in helping a person to gain confidence again.

Anyone who has missing teeth should consider using dental implants to correct the problem. This type of treatment can often help a person avoid some of the pain and embarrassment other treatments created. This can make it the best choice for many. For more information about this treatment, please contact Healthy Smiles Family Dentistry.

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