Reasons To Work With Galvanized Steel Sheets

In many types of construction, manufacturing and fabrication applications, galvanized steel is the ideal material. Galvanization is the process of protecting the surface of steel from oxidation, a natural process that will occur as the steel is exposed to the air, fresh and salt water, as well as chemicals in the atmosphere.

Galvanization becomes a barrier between the steel and the air, and more specifically the oxygen, moisture and chemicals contained in the atmosphere and environment. The coating is zinc oxide, and it becomes a protective thin layer or patina on the surface. Should this surface patina be damaged, it can use the existing zinc in the coating to self-repair, continuing to add protection to galvanized steel sheets and structural components over time.

Low Maintenance Material

The choice of galvanized steel sheets for construction and fabrication, even in harsh marine and chemical environments, means low maintenance requirements for years. In most uses and locations, this can exceed 50 years in areas where chemical pollution and salt spray is not a factor. However, even in these conditions, galvanized steel can maintain its surface appearance and resistance to oxidation for 25 plus years.

Full Coverage Protection

Unlike surface coatings and paints, the use of galvanized steel sheets allows for complete protection across the entire structure and surface of the equipment, machinery, building or structure. Additionally, with the bonding of the protective coating to the surface, it is not removed through working with the sheet or in installation and during use. It is considered a top option when mechanical damage during transportation or working with the steel sheets may be a factor.

Purchasing from a specialized sheet metal supplier will ensure full compliance with all required industry standards. With different coating thicknesses possible, contractors and Original Equipment Manufacturers can determine the best galvanized sheets for any application.