Reasons to Hire Oil and Gas Litigation Lawyers in Texas

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Law Services

US oil production has increased in the past few years as the United States seeks to decrease its reliance on foreign oil. Therefore, pipeline construction has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Many construction tasks are dangerous, and can include:

     *     Site surveying and boundary setting

     *     Site cleaning and erosion prevention installation

     *     Soil trenching

     *     Pipefitting and welding

     *     Burying pipe

     *     Trench filling

     *     Pipe Testing

     *     Connecting pipes to pumps and refineries

There are many ways accidents and injuries can happen on an oil pipeline construction site. This article attempts to explain how these accidents can occur, and how oil and gas litigation lawyers in Texas can help to protect clients’ legal rights.

Accidents Occurring During Pipeline Building

Oil pipelines are involved construction projects, requiring thousands of hours of work by teams of highly skilled workers. Oil pipeline construction is a risky occupation because of the dangerous and heavy equipment used, and because pipes carry highly flammable crude oil. Because of the inherent dangers, accidents are fairly common and can result in injuries and fatalities. Causes of these accidents include faulty equipment, explosions, falls, and unsafe working conditions.

Determining Responsibility for an Injury

If a person suffers an injury while working on an oil pipeline construction project, multiple entities can share responsibility for the accident. Injured workers can pursue wrongful death, negligence, personal injury and worker’s compensation cases against pipeline owners and construction companies. If a piece of defective machinery causes an accident, the injured worker can sue the manufacturer of the equipment. For accidents caused by other workers’ actions, a negligence claim may be possible.

Should an Injured Worker Call a Lawyer After a Construction Accident?

There are multiple people and organizations who can share responsibility for an injury accident on a pipeline construction site, but there are multiple claims to be pursued after an injury. Determining who is responsible and which type of claim to pursue is a decision that should be left in the hands of a personal injury attorney. Clients can contact us to find out how personal injury or oil and gas litigation lawyers in Texas can help a client evaluate his or her claim, and they can pursue damages for compensation and medical bills while negotiating a fair settlement.

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