Reasons to Call for Brick Fireplace Repair Services in Baltimore, MD

While it’s true that chimneys and fireplaces are sturdy structures, they are not immune to wear and tear. Keeping that fireplace in good functioning order isn’t just about visual appeal, though. When something goes wrong, calling for Brick Fireplace Repair Services in Baltimore MD can make the difference between providing a safe home environment and encouraging smoke damage and potentially deadly fires.

Cracked Walls

Zero-clearance fireplaces that show signs of cracked walls are fairly easy to repair, as are regular masonry fireplaces. Most of the time, a professional masonry repair contractor can simply replace the firewall or add an extra layer of bricks in front of the existing fireplace.

Depending on the size and the position of the fireplace, adding an extra layer of bricks may lead to increased air drafts and problems with smoke. It’s always best to hire a licensed contractor to diagnose the underlying problem and suggest the best course of action when it comes to repairs.

Visible Damage

New fireplaces rarely show visible signs of damage, but homeowners remodeling older buildings often find that damage to the bricks or stones that comprise their fireplaces leaves them looking unsightly. The best thing to do is to make any necessary repairs prior to starting the first fire of the season. The same issues that can leave older fireplaces looking decrepit and run-down can also indicate underlying structural problems, so don’t leave it to chance.

Loose Bricks

As the mortar that holds bricks in place ages, it begins to degrade. This issue often manifests itself through crumbling mortar and loose bricks, which can lead to structural instability. If one brick is beginning to come loose, chances are the problem is already fairly serious.

Masonry repair contractors can remove the damaged mortar and replace it with the right mixture to keep bricks in place and provide structural integrity for years to come. They will have both the know-how and the specialized tools to do the job right.

Leave it to the Professionals

Even avid home handymen will find that it is always best to leave fireplace repairs to trained professionals. Contractors providing brick fireplace repair services in Baltimore MD have undergone extensive training in order to be able to diagnose and fix a wide variety of issues. Check out website for more information about one repair company that can help.