Reasons to Call an Electrician in Carmel

Let’s face it. While electricity is essential to modern homes, it is also potentially dangerous. Homeowners are well-advised to avoid doing any kind of electrical work themselves and to keep an eye out for the following signs of serious trouble. Should any of them occur, simply call an electrician in Carmel.

Electrical Shocks

If anyone in the household receives even a mild electrical shock from turning on a light switch or plugging an appliance into an outlet, it’s reason for serious concern. Even if the shock is mild the first time, there’s no guarantee it will be should the same situation occur again.

Too Many Appliances Plugged Into an Outlet

Many households make good use of extension cords and outlet extenders, but plugging too many appliances into the same outlets can force them to work beyond their capacities. The only way to safely plug in additional appliances if the outlet is already full is to call an electrician to install additional outlets as needed.

Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker or dim when heavy-duty appliances are turned on are clear indications those appliances should have their own dedicated circuits. There’s also a good possibility that a larger line will need to be added to provide enough electrical current.

Tripped Breakers

Repeatedly tripped circuit breakers often indicate the number of lights and appliances running simultaneously are drawing too much current from the system. The system will likely need to be updated to accommodate the household’s needs.

Outlets That Aren’t Up to Code

Two-pronged outlets aren’t just limiting; they’re also a safety hazard. The third prong on electrical appliances is designed to provide a ground path in the event of a short, helping to avoid electrical shocks.

Warm Outlets or Switches

If the electrical outlets or light switches are warm to the user’s touch, it is definitely a problem. Often, the underlying cause of this issue is old, unsafe wiring, so be sure to call an electrician in Carmel to check the system.

Old Wiring

if a home is more than thirty years old and has not been retrofitted with new wiring, the chances are it isn’t even close to being up to code. Avoid the potential for injury and fire damage by calling Burtner Electric to schedule an evaluation.