Questions To Ask Aluminum Suppliers

When you need large or small shipments of aluminum plate, bar, rod or stock and custom extrusions choosing from all the possible aluminum suppliers can seem more than a bit of a challenge.

One of the biggest problems is that simply doing an online search and using the term “aluminum suppliers” will provide results on a global basis, which is well beyond the needs for most companies. One option is to narrow down the search by geographic location, which will provide you with companies where shipping isn’t going to play such as a big factor in the final cost.

Another option is to talk to other companies and business and find out who they recommend for aluminum suppliers in the area. The best suppliers are well known, and you will find their name mentioned again and again. Once you have a few names, you can then start to narrow down you choices.

Products and Inventory

It is highly recommended to choose aluminum suppliers who only sell aluminum. You will find some companies sell all types of metals and alloys which can pose problems as aluminum needs to be more carefully handled and shipped.

When working with aluminum suppliers only selling aluminum you are also much more likely to get better prices, especially if they are large volume companies with good relationships with their suppliers.

How Long in Business

The longer aluminum suppliers have been in business, the more there is to know about the company. In the highly competitive area of metal sales and supply a poor quality company simply won’t stay in business.

Companies with more than a few decades in the industry will have outstanding customer support and will be able to work with you on custom orders as well as supplying stock aluminum extrusions and products. These companies will be willing and able to provide references if you want to speak to a few of their established customers.

Cutting and Services

Other factors to consider include the possibility of custom sawing and precision cutting from aluminum suppliers. This allows the aluminum to arrive to you ready for fabrication while also eliminating waste from cutting at your end.

Some aluminum suppliers provide the best possible testing for tolerances, ensuring all products produced are within specifics by industry standards as well as customer requirements. This is always a critical factor and demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and customer care.

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