Questions And Answers About Tree Care Specialists

There are various services offered by a tree service company that can improve the appearance and extend the life of a tree. Homeowners often employ the services of a Tree Care specialist to keep their trees healthy. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about tree specialists and how they care for trees.

Q.) What are some of the ways that a tree service company keeps trees healthy?

A.) To keep trees healthy, a tree service company can professionally prune the trees. While pruning, a tree specialist removes any branches that are dead or unhealthy. The specialist also prunes off small branches that are interfering with the growth of larger, stronger branches. While pruning a tree, the specialist takes off all the limbs that aren’t growing uniformly with the tree. While pruning a tree, the professional also inspects the tree for insects, diseases and tree fungus. Insects often eat the leaves on a tree and tree diseases can negatively alter their bark. Trees that have cuts or wounds are more susceptible to damage when they’re infected with a fungus. If necessary, the specialist can treat the tree, so the condition doesn’t spread to other trees.

Q.) Is there a certain time of the year when a homeowner should contact a professional for tree pruning?

A.) Many tree service professionals recommend that homeowners have their trees pruned in the winter months while the tree is dormant. When trees are full of leaves, it may be difficult to see all of the branches that need to be pruned. To slow the growth of a particular branch, it may be necessary to prune the branch during the summer months after the branch has reached its peak for the season. The time for pruning a tree also depends on the species of tree that needs to be pruned. Homeowners can speak to a Tree Care professional to find out the best time for pruning their trees.

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