Protecting Our Golden Years: North Jersey, NJ Senior Living Solutions

According to a recent study, more than 80% of people over age 65 wish to stay at home for as long as possible and many of them display an outward aversion towards the concept of assisted senior living. After all, they have likely lived in their homes for many memorable years, established countless community friendships, and passively attained a level of comfort in their neighborhoods. However, as their surroundings evolve and neighbors move on, seniors tend to become isolated and separated from society, which brings to mind the old man or woman constantly peeking through the blinds to scrutinize the neighborhood. This solitude ends up having a detrimental effect on their mental wellbeing and the loneliness tends to exacerbate certain medical afflictions such as depression or dementia.

Living independently is emboldening and it provides a certain sense of autonomy but there comes a time when living alone is no longer viable due to safety concerns. Fortunately, many of today’s senior living solutions are both reputable and inclusive in nature, which provides our beloved seniors with a new lease on life in many situations.

The Benefits of Assisted Senior Living

Whether the senior’s home features impossible-to-reach second-story lavatories, arduous staircases, or complex kitchen appliances, it’s important to note that private homes become less senior-friendly as the years go by and many of these hindrances are worsened by mobility issues. As the senior ages, these minor problems amalgamate and transform what was once a reasonable home into a daily struggle for normalcy. Fortunately, senior centers were created with these lifestyle issues in mind:

  • Security: From the protected entrances and high-tech alert systems to the 24/7 on-site medical professionals and first-rate care regimens, safety is placed on a pedestal in every decent senior living facility.
  • Meals: Regardless of whether the senior wishes to cook his or her own meals in a functional kitchenette or feast in the midst of a communal congregation, he or she will have access to on-demand meals around the clock.
  • Transportation: Every resident will have the ability to take long or short trips on a daily basis by way of a taxi or shuttle bus. Shopping excursions, scheduled shows, and visits to private medical practitioners are all within arm’s reach.

You Don’t Need to Go it Alone

If you happen to be considering a North Jersey, NJ senior living solution for your loved one, the best way to make sense of this dense industry is to contact a reputable team of consultants in the field such as Oasis Senior Advisors – North Jersey, NJ. As these services are free of cost to you and your family, a consultation appointment represents the most expeditious and affordable way to ascertain all your options. After all, when making a decision as important as a family member’s retirement solution, it’s important to take a structured approach during the planning process. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.