Owning or managing a commercial property in Denver CO is a challenge at the best of times. Dealing with tenants, either residential or commercial, can be a lot of stress and hassle. There is also the upkeep of the building as a poorly maintained building soon becomes a source of complaint and a problem in finding renters.

There are some simple additions to a commercial building that can really make a difference in the appearance of the interior. One of these additions is the installation of quality designed corner guards. These are well-crafted and designed to stop damage to corners through being hit, dinged, rubbed and battered.

The Problem

The problem with corners is that they are easy to hit with briefcases, bags, carts, boxes, purses and anything else that may be moved up or down the hallway or the area.

In residential buildings, tenants moving furniture is a constant source of damage to the corners. Once the corners are damaged, moisture and humidity can lead to mold problems in the areas of damage, plus there will be aesthetic issues as well. The paint or wall covering is now missing, chipped or torn. This leads to an unkempt look even if the walls are cleaned and painted on a regular schedule.

The Solution

Today, corner guards come in a wide variety of different styles and options. There are stainless steel and aluminum guards that are typically used in commercial types of properties and facilities.

Durable, strong and very easy to clean, both aluminum and steel can be finished to a brushed or a polished look. Aluminum can also be anodized to order, allowing for full custom look for any building or area.

Vinyl corner guards are a great addition to hallways, retail stores, residential buildings and public buildings. They are available in a clear vinyl that will not yellow or discolor even after years of cleaning and use.

There are also a variety of colored vinyl options as well. These will come in the standard colors of black, white, gray, off-whites and browns. They are also available from some dealers in a range of different custom colors to add the right touch to any area.

Easy to install either with adhesive, nails or screws, these guards will be an investment in the overall appearance of any type of commercial property in Denver CO. Protecting the corners keeps hallway and heavy traffic areas looking new and beautifully maintained, helping to address at least one of the many upkeep requirements with these properties. For more information visit The Thompson Group.