Pros And Cons Of Popular Options In Countertops In Maple Grove, MN

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Home Improvement

Designing a new kitchen or upgrading your existing kitchen means a lot of different choices. If you are working with a general contractor or a kitchen renovation specialist, you may find that the professional has a preference for a specific type of countertop.

While it is important to listen to the information by professionals, it is also essential to choose the countertops for your Maple Grove, MN home which is the right match for your taste and preferences. Often contractors are uncomfortable in working with some materials, such as natural stone, so bringing in specialists to do the install and to make the counters to order is a simple way to resolve the issue

Natural Stone

Natural stone always has been the most sought after option in countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. It has a rich, natural and classic look that can easily work with a modern design or style and also look amazing with a more casual design.

Natural stone will require a bit of additional care, but it also increases the value of the home. Care for marble and granite will include yearly sealing and quick wipe up of spills to prevent etching or staining.


Laminate is perhaps the lowest cost option for countertops. There are many different styles of laminate which make it practical even for very budget conscious projects.

This is a low maintenance countertop, but it can be easily damaged by direct food prep, hot items or dropping items on the surface. It will need to be replaced if it is damaged as there are few repair options.


Tile is a good option for a counter as it comes in many colors, designs and sizes. Tile is grouted between each tile which will need to be sealed. Grout can easily become stained and discolored and tiles are easy to chip or crack. It will be necessary to use cutting boards and trivets to prevent damage. Tiles can be repaired by removing the damaged areas and replacing.


Wood counters are very popular and make a great match with natural stone. These counters are prone to damage as they are soft but they can be treated with surfacing options to limit the damage. They can be stained lighter or darker and can feature different types of wood for different looks.

Take the time to consider the best material for your Maple Grove, MN home. Consider the care, the cost and the upkeep required before making a final choice.

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