Proper Fire Alarm Cable Needed to Run Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems help to protect buildings. Fire alarm cable is a vital part of a fire alarm system, and there are actually hundreds of types of fire alarm cable to choose from. When wiring a system you need to make sure you get the right cable for the system at your residence or office.

A fire alarm system consists of several devices working in harmony that detect substances like smoke, fire or carbon monoxide. They use a smoke, heat or carbon monoxide detector. When they sense the offending substance, it triggers an alarm that warns people there is danger, as well as being able to contact the proper authorities like the fire department.

Fire Alarm Cable Comes in Many Different Forms

Fire alarm cable is available in many different types, for instance, power-limited fire alarm system cable has three types: FPL, which is used for general purpose fire alarms, FPLR – which is known for being fire resistant, and FPLP – which is used in ducts or other areas meant for environmental air to travel through.

Non-power limited fire alarm cables come in two types: NPLFP – used for general purpose fire alarm systems, and NPLFP – used in ducts and other areas meant for environmental air to travel through.

Fire Alarm Cable Must Meet Standards for Usage

All kinds of fire alarm cable must pass specific types of tests to ensure their quality and ability to work properly. When choosing the proper kind for your fire alarm system, you must ensure that there is the ability of the cable to carry the proper amount of electrical power through it. That means verifying the amount of voltage that is expected to run through the cables and matching that to the type of cable purchased and installed.

You also have to take into consideration that the voltage will drop due to wire resistance and the larger the cable is, the lower the needed voltage. So, be sure to calculate all the different devices that will be connected to your fire alarm system. It is a good idea to get it installed by a proper technician who is familiar with fire alarm systems.

All in all, a fire alarm system is a very valuable group of connected devices that work together via the fire alarm cable to warn people of problems like fire or carbon monoxide.