Proper Disposal of Feminine Sanitary Items to Avoid Problems With a Septic Tank in Keller TX

It may feel like an exercise in futility to convince the female members of the household to stop flushing tampons and to use a wastebasket. However, a household that relies on a Septic Tank in Keller TX for its wastewater treatment needs to be vigilant about this sort of behavior. Tampons don’t biodegrade, even though tampon manufacturers would have you believe they do. Instead of dissolving, they accumulate in the tank, which can cause a sewer backup if enough of them are flushed. Then the homeowner needs emergency septic tank pumping and has a mess to clean up. Nobody wants to deal with that.

There’s another problem associated with flushing tampons. They can catch onto roots that have invaded small cracks in the sewer pipe in the yard. As the tampons are snagged by those little roots, they block other materials on the way to the septic tank. Once again, a sewer backup may occur, with all of its unpleasantness and cost to have the tank pumped.

A wastebasket along with plenty of small paper bags makes it convenient for all the ladies to discreetly get rid of their sanitary products. Tampons aren’t the only feminine care item that can cause problems with a Septic Tank in Keller TX. Many ladies like to wear mini-pads throughout the month for freshness. Those also don’t biodegrade; many brands have plastic on the back as well. These products are no good for a septic system. They build up in the tank and can block baffles and filters if they float.

People who live in the house, especially the teenagers, may feel a little embarrassed having to instruct their female guests about this behavior. Nevertheless, it has to be done to avoid septic system problems. The guests will be more alarmed by a sewer backup than they will be having to dispose of their sanitary items in a wastebasket, especially if a septic service technician can see what caused the problem.

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