Professional Video Production Service in Lexington KY

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Video Production Service

Professional Video Production Service in Lexington KY can effect the revenue of a business, corporation, or non-profit organization in several ways. The obvious is by producing great commercials for television, trade shows, and websites. Those will attract new customers, strengthen brand recognition, encourage donations, and increase revenue. A full service production company, like First String Media Productions, for example, can work with owners to create original content for a commercial, produce the commercial , edit it, and format the final product. Documentaries and short films can also be produced to raise awareness of specific issues and educate people about conditions and situations around the world, or in their own backyard.

Another way that Video Production Service in Lexington KY can effect revenue is by helping businesses and corporations save a lot of money. Training videos save money on time, personnel, and resources. Many companies hire trainers several times each year for new employee orientation, annual training on policies and procedures such as sexual harassment and safety, and other types of training. Some companies, depending on regulations and compliance issues, need to add training personnel to their human resource departments to handle expansions in workforce, or multiple locations. Most of that training is not hands-on, and requirements can be met with videos. Scheduling time in the conference room, getting new employees assembled, and playing a video is more cost-effective than hiring trainers. Corporations can save money and only have to hire trainers for hands-on or field training.

Large corporations can save time and money by having annual meetings and conferences filmed. An international business can eliminate some travel time and expenses by streaming a meeting live or having it filmed for later viewing. There would be no need to get every executive from all the branches to one country. Filming a conference instead of sending everyone to a conference will also save time and money. It is also possible to sell the conference DVD to other companies so their employees can benefit from presentations. That is a win-win situation because money is saved on conference expenses, and money is earned on video sales. Consider the current training budget for the company and determine if video training may hold benefits for the company and the employees.

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