Procedure For Getting a Hair Transplant in Chicago

Many individuals facing baldness or thinning hair, men and women like, contemplate getting a hair transplant. Chicago has many clinics able to perform the procedure, but very few perform a newer, less invasive procedure called NeoGraft. NeoGraft differs from the common procedure for getting a hair transplant in Chicago, in that it doesn’t rely on removing portions of the scalp and placing them elsewhere. This older procedure can often cause unsightly scars and numbness. Here is some more information on this entirely new, less invasive procedure for getting a hair transplant in Chicago.

NeoGraft Transplants Individual Hair Follicles

Rather than removing and transplanting entire strips of the scalp, NeoGraft uses an extraction method called follicular unit extraction. This method removes individual hair follicle units, consisting of approximately four hairs, and transplants them individually elsewhere on the scalp where they are needed most. These follicles are extracted and then kept in a container to be lightly sprayed with a sterile saline solution, keeping them moist and ready for implantation. Each individual follicle unit is then transplanted at the same depth, which is carefully predetermined, in order to create a uniform, smooth look.


This procedure is as non-invasive as hair transplants in Chicago can get. Requiring only a local anesthetic, the procedure is relatively painless and leaves absolutely no scarring left behind. The follicles are removed using a cylindrical shaped tool with pneumatic pressure, meaning that the surgeon never has to touch the follicles with any tool. This removes the risk of twisting and damaging hair follicles, making them healthier when eventually transplanted. The surgeon is also able to transplant twice as many follicles using this method as they would with traditional hair transplant procedures. There are no stitches or staples to worry about either, and the entire procedure takes as much time as any other hair transplant in Chicago would. In addition, there is virtually no risk of bleeding or nerve damage.


As mentioned, the procedure takes about as much time as any other hair transplant in Chicago, but has a much shorter, and easier, recovery period. Since there is no operation, and doesn’t rely on large portions of the scalp to be removed and transplanted, the entire process can be completed without the use of heavy anesthetics, making immediate recovery drastically faster. In addition, patients who have this type of surgery can often resume their normal hair care routine within seven days. Full results are often seen in as little as three months.

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