Preparing Items For An International Moving Services in Boston

When someone decides to move from one place to another, they will need to take special care in the way they handle the transport of fragile items. Hiring an International Moving Services in Boston is a great way to help ensure the items get to their new destination without breaking in transit. Here are some ways one can prepare fragile items for a moving company to bring to their new location.

To keep breakables intact, they should be placed inside sturdy boxes or plastic storage tubs with appropriate wrap around each item. It is important not to use boxes that were pre-used as the corrugation may not be sturdy enough to keep the items safe from damage if another item falls on the container. Wrap each breakable item in bubble wrap and place it inside the container. Any voids can be filled in with packing peanuts. The container can then be sealed shut with tape.

Large furniture will need to be placed in furniture bags to help keep it from becoming damaged in the moving vehicle. Use cushioned comforters or blankets to drape over or around fragile items. Tape the cloth in place using duck tape. It can then be contained in a furniture bag if desired.

Make sure to remove glass bulbs from light fixtures before moving them. Use masking tape to construct a letter “X” across the glass of mirrors or picture frames. Use a large piece of cardboard to cover the glass before wrapping the item in bubble wrap. Tape the bubble wrap tightly to the item and place it in a large box. Moving companies often provide boxes for fragile items, so it is a good idea to see if they have an enclosure of the right size to utilize for the move.

Write the word “fragile” on any box or container with a breakable item inside. Place a sign on larger furniture or electronics so the moving company will know to be careful when lifting and placing these items in the vehicle. If someone is looking for an International Moving Services in Boston, they can contact Olympia Moving & Storage for superior service at a great rate. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.