Preparing A Dog For Pet Boarding in Alexandria VA

When someone needs to go on a trip where they cannot bring along their dog, they may want to prepare their dog for Pet Boarding in Alexandria VA. A boarding facility has many amenities and gives dog owners the peace of mind that their pet will be cared for properly while they are away.

To prepare a pet for boarding, there are a few steps that can be taken at home beforehand. It is a good idea to have people around the dog regularly so it gets used to attention from people other than the owner. Taking the dog for walks with other people who have dogs can be beneficial in having the dog learn how to socialize with other animals. They will adjust go a boarding facility atmosphere better than a dog that has never been around other dogs before.

Consider signing a dog up for obedience lessons or grooming at the facility they will be staying at. This will familiarize the dog with the people who work in the facility so they will feel more at ease being around them when left there for a while. They might also learn some of the commands the workers use with dogs. Pampering the pet with grooming can be a great way to relax them. Doing this several times before their extended stay will make them aware of the procedure. When they go in for grooming, they will instantly feel at peace if they enjoy it regularly before the trip.

Giving a dog special treats at home when they obey a command will reinforce good behavior. When the dog goes to the boarding facility, it is a good idea to give the workers some of the treats so they can give them to the dog as a reward. This, along with bringing a favorite blanket or toy, will give the dog a sense of security when their master is not around.

If someone is in need of Pet Boarding in Alexandria VA for their own dog, they can research several websites for one they feel comfortable with. website is one site that can be researched. An appointment can be made to check out the facility as well. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.