Preparing A Claim With Slip And Fall Lawyers

In New Jersey, business owners face certain liabilities when customers enter their property. For this reason, they must perform repairs and maintenance regularly to mitigate risks. However, owners who fail to comply with standards could face premise’s liability litigation. Slip and fall lawyers near Tinton Falls help victims of these circumstances.

What Caused the Fall?

The accident is reviewed to determine the exact cause. This assessment determines if the owner was liable. For example, if the floor was uneven, signs should be present to identify the risk. If workers are cleaning floors, they require floor signs stating that the floors are wet. These regulations are in place to keep consumers safe when they visit local businesses. When the owner doesn’t follow these regulations, they are at fault.

Was the Owner Aware of the Hazards?

The next step is to determine if the owner knew about the hazard and failed to act. For example, if they put off repairs that could lead to accidents, they are guilty. If shelving is unstable and they don’t prevent customers from passing through these areas, they are at fault if the shelving falls and injures the customers. Slip and fall lawyers near Tinton Falls help these victims file a claim against unethical business owners.

Were Any Repairs Made Before the Accident?

All properties must maintain logs of all repairs. Select building codes may also require them to purchase permits for these repairs. Thorough records determine when and what repairs were conducted. If permits were needed, the property must be inspected by a building code inspector. Any hazards identified by the inspector that weren’t managed properly could identify a liability. If the condition was the cause of the accident, the owner failed to follow the law.

New Jersey consumers acquire protection against unethical businesses through premise’s liabilities. These circumstances could lead to heightened awareness among consumers. They could also enforce local laws that apply to building code standards. They could result in punitive damages to punish the owner for these failures. Victims who sustained injuries should hire slip and fall lawyers near Tinton Falls by visiting Kreizer Law today.