Potential Pros and Cons of Metal Roof Installation in St. Peters, MO

Nobody wants to hear that their home needs a new roof. However, should this happen, it’s a good time to consider whether it might be time to choose a different type of roof. Understanding the pros and cons of metal roof installation in St. Peters MO will make it easier to determine if this type of roof might be right for your home.

Potential Benefits

These roofs are known to be very safe, as they won’t get lit on fire if there’s lightning or a wildfire nearby. They are also very durable and long lasting, as they can typically withstand impacts, don’t rust, and won’t be blown off by gusts of wind, making it so most metal roofs last between 40 and 70 years, compared to just 12 to 20 years for asphalt shingles. They’re also pretty environmentally friendly, as they can contain some recycled content and will be 100 percent recyclable at the end of their lifespan, as well as improving the energy efficiency of the home and decreasing cooling costs by up to 25 percent.

Potential Considerations

The main concern with Metal Roof Installation in St. Peters MO tends to be the cost because they can be more than twice the cost of some other roofing materials, so they make more sense for homeowners that plan to stay in the home for a long time to take advantage of the increased lifespan of the roof. These roofs need to be properly installed or the performance will suffer and damage can occur to the home. Finally, in homes without a lot of insulation below the roof, it may be quite noisy when it rains, especially if it hails.

Cost Considerations

A number of factors can affect the cost of metal roofing, with the price typically ranging between $5.50 and $12.00 per square foot including installation. Metal shingles will be a bit less costly than a standing seam metal roof. Installing the roof over the existing roof will help lower the overall costs if this is possible.

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