Potential Benefits of French Drains in Cambridge, MA

Those who experience frequent leaks in their basements may want to look into an interior drainage system to help with this. Although it’s possible to use conventional drain tile installed outside the home to improve drainage, there are a number of advantages to installing French drains in Cambridge MA.

The Basics

An interior French drain system involves removing some of the concrete floorings around the edges of the basement and burying PVC pipes and a sump-pump system to make it easier for any water that enters the basement, or is starting to seep up into the basement, to drain away. The pipes carry the water at a downward angle away from the home to a dry well or drainage ditch. To make it easier to maintain the system, a number of inspection caps are usually included in the system so that any blockage can be easily cleaned out. Once the system is installed, the flooring is repaired.

Provides Superior Drainage

Unlike drain tile, French drains in Cambridge MA will be able to drain away any water that gets into the basement due to condensation or cracks in the walls. The pipe is very rigid, so it isn’t easily crushed, making it easier for water to flow back outside and away from the foundation of the home.

Radon Venting

Some basements have radon present, which can be dangerous to homeowners. Using French drains in Cambridge MA, will help to vent that radon and make the basement safer for use by the people living in the house.

Year-Round Installation

Drainage systems can’t be easily installed outdoors in cold weather, but it’s possible to have Drycrete Waterproofing install one of these indoor drainage systems at any time of year, even in the cold and snow-filled winters common in Cambridge.

Useful With High Water Tables

This is a particularly beneficial type of drainage system for homes where the water table is high, making basement flooding more likely than in areas with lower water tables. The drainage system will make it, so water isn’t always slowly seeping into the basement and causing mold growth or damage to items stored in the basement. It’s also a good solution for homes that are near bodies of water that tend to flood basements nearby when there are heavy rains.