Positioning Options For LED Dusk To Dawn Lighting

Installing outdoor lights for security as well as safety on commercial and residential properties is always a good idea. Not only does additional light deter prospective intruders or vandals on a property but it also makes navigating along walkways, in entrances or for getting in and out of a vehicle much easier.

The big issue with these types of lights is that they often are controlled by a switch. This means they are either on or off, which can add considerably to commercial property or residential power bills. The answer to this issue that will provide energy savings while still maintaining safety and security is the use of LED dusk to dawn lighting.

Placing the Lights

Placing or positioning LED dusk to dawn lighting is a critical part of the installation. It is essential to choose the positioning of the light for the specific light type and design. Additionally, it will be crucial to consider how to mount the light to get the maximum light coverage in the areas required.


Make sure to check the manufacturer’s suggested height placement for the specific types of lights. The height is important as different lights will provide light downward, downward and outward or in all directions.

The height will also allow for a smaller or larger circle of light on the ground. When placed higher up the wall the circle of light will be larger, but it may also be more diffuse. This can be adjusted with LED dusk to dawn lighting by choosing different lumen levels as well as different colors of bulbs.

Direct Mount or Mounting Arm

By using a mounting arm, the light fixture and the housing for the bulb will be positioned more directly overhead than a direct mount fixture that is attached to the wall.

By having the slight extension to the arm, a larger pool of light can be created under the fixture, which may be ideal for specific areas such as doors and entrances.