Plastic Bags on Rolls: Handling Heavy Duty Jobs with Ease

When it comes to buying supplies for commercial businesses, it’s important that business owners get their money’s worth. Supplies like box liners, trash bags, mulch bags and hardware bags need to withstand a lot of wear and tear each and every time they are used. While they may not be considered a “major investment” to a large company – purchasing low quality bags could lead to overspending in this category and that simply isn’t necessary.

Because these bags play a key role in a business’s daily operations, it’s essential that you’re confident about the product you’re currently using. Plastic bags on rolls can be purchased from a number of manufacturers, but checking a few simple things could ensure you’re getting the reliable and high quality plastic bags on rolls.

Bottom Seal Bags
First off, if a business owner is using anything aside from bottom seal bags for heavy duty jobs – it’s time to make a change! Plastic bags on rolls are typically designed as “bottom seal bags”, which means that there is one seal across the bottom of the bag only. This type of seal is designed to sustain a lot of weight, and it’s ideal for trash bags and other uses that would require holding a large amount of heavy material. These bags are also easy to use and store thanks to the ability to simply tear them off of the roll on which they’re stored. If you’re noticing issues with the style of bag you’re using, you may be working with something other than a bottom seal product.

Custom Options
If you’re looking for plastic bags on rolls that will fit a uniquely sized or shaped object, rest assured there is a solution out there for you – custom designed poly bags. The manufacturing industry has come quite a long way, and it’s now easier than ever to custom design a poly or plastic bag that has the heavy-duty qualities that you need. Additionally, some companies are able to custom print the bags themselves for an added professional touch. Whether it’s adding a logo, your brand name or any other design – this simple option could add a big enhancement.