Plasma Cutter Table Features To Consider

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Machining Manufacturer

The right plasma cutter table is a big advantage in being able to take on new orders, increase the scope of services you can provide and to be able to cut the perfect shape quickly, effectively and easily regardless of the complexity.

Of course, the table is only one part of the system, but if the table is not effective and efficient or if it has design problems it really doesn’t matter how good the plasma cutter and the software is. The performance of the table can maximize the performance of the other systems, or it can cause significant problems and challenges.

Design Features

There are several different features to look for with any plasma cutter table. Ideally, choose a brand that is recognized in the industry as being a user-friendly option. Reading through online feedback about different models and brands you are considering will give you an unbiased and honest look into what other users have experienced.

If you are looking for a CNC plasma cutter table for a metal service center or a high volume shop, you may want to move up to a plasma arc cutting system. This will produce a higher volume of cuts and faster overall cutting speed, translating into even greater productivity.

Low maintenance will also be a factor to consider. Some of the simple movement types of tables are highly efficient and will have very limited maintenance and downtime issues. When the design has been carefully considered to boost the life cycle of the table and reduce downtime for cleaning you have a great combination.

Look for a table that has a reputation in the industry for providing low waste, clean cuts and top life cycles. Some of the models can be run continually during the day and never falter. This is the type of plasma cutting table you want in your shop.


There is a need to closely consider the type of metals you will be working with on the table. If you are going to work with all types of electrically conductive metals, then be sure to choose a table that is designed for this type of versatility.

Consider the size and the thickness of metal the table can handle compared to the types of jobs you anticipate and currently handle. It is always a good decision to buy a table with higher capacity and capability, providing room for new work rather than limiting your options.

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