Planning on Getting Engaged in Indiana This Christmas? You’ll Need Rings!

Thousands of couples every year choose to get engaged during Christmas. If you intend to propose to your sweetheart this holiday season, you will need engagement rings from Indiana’s finest jewelry store. These engagement rings don’t stop at a diamond band for just her. Men can wear engagement rings too. Step outside the traditional marriage proposal with some more unique rings and unique ways of getting engaged.

Men’s Engagement Rings in Indiana Jewelry Stores

Gone are the days when just women received the proposal and the ring. Modern times have spawned the “reverse” proposal of women asking men and presenting men with engagement rings. Then there are the many proposals in the LGBTQ community, where both partners might exchange an engagement ring. There are many handsome men’s engagement rings now just for these moments.

Choosing Stones That Aren’t Diamonds

Although diamonds have been the stone of engagements since the mid-19th century, prior to that, any stone and any precious metal were considered an acceptable engagement ring. This was especially true if you weren’t wealthy and elite. That trend has come full circle again, with many couples opting to purchase engagement rings with colored stones. Titanium has become a popular metal of choice, and it is frequently enhanced with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, etc.

There are many gorgeous engagement rings in Indiana jewelry stores now, but the best ones come from one particular store. If you want to explore any of the above options more, contact Albert’s Diamond Jewelers today.