Placing Items In A Furniture Storage Service in Estero FL

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Moving Services

When someone needs to move to a new home, they may decide to place some of their personal items in a storage unit for safekeeping. When placing belongings in a Furniture Storage Service in Estero FL, there are some steps that should be taken to ensure they are well-protected. Here are some tips to use in preparing furniture for storage.

Clean Off Pieces Completely

It is a good idea to remove any dust or grime on furniture pieces before they are placed in a storage facility. Since the atmosphere inside of a unit is bound to be different from what was in the home, debris can become caked-on if conditions are right. Removing this matter from pieces will also make furniture ready to be used right away when it is moved out of storage.

Obtain The Right Coverings

Wood furniture should not be wrapped in plastic as any moisture present upon a piece can lead to mold accumulation if it is trapped against this type of cover. Instead, furniture covers made of cloth should be used to wrap these pieces. Pieces made of metal or plastic, however, can be wrapped in pieces of bubble wrap to help protect them against damage during the moving process.

Place Items Properly

When items are placed inside of a storage unit, it is best to position them in a way where they will not become damaged by other items. Do not stack heavy items on top of cushions so they do not become flattened. Avoid putting sharp items on top of wood surfaces so they do not become scratched. Furniture pieces that could become broken easily should be placed in an area of the unit where heavy items that could fall on them are not in a nearby vicinity.

When there is a need to place items in a facility that provides furniture storage service in Estero FL, finding the right business is important. Get more information by stopping in to speak to an employee or check out the website to browse information about the services provided to customers. A unit can then be rented if desired.

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