Pick a Theme for Your Wedding Cards

Whether you want a formal or casual wedding, you must establish a theme for your nuptials. Since you likely want to include the concept in your invitations, you must choose colors and other elements early. Themed wedding invitations set the right tone for your wedding. Here are some suggestions for picking a theme for your wedding cards.

Find Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. When you are designing your wedding invitations, try to pay special attention to the things you see, hear, feel, and smell. Remember, though, much of your wedding’s theme depends on the season of your nuptials. As such, try to choose your wedding announcements during the same time of year that your wedding will occur. Then, incorporate elements you plan to use on your special day into your wedding cards.


There is no such thing as a bad idea, but some ideas are better than others. When you are designing your themed wedding invitations, try to brainstorm several options. Make a comprehensive list, including everything that crosses your mind.


Once you have a complete list of possible designs for your wedding invitations, you must edit your choices to one or two viable options. Go through your list and eliminate any designs that are not feasible. Then, delete any that don’t make you excited. When you have paired the list down to two or three choices, see which one best fits with the overall theme of your wedding.


When you begin to create your wedding invitations, you will probably realize that some ideas work better on paper than they do in practice. Don’t abandon those ideas. Instead, try to refine them so they better fit with the overall design of your invitations. On the other hand, if everything fits perfectly, try not to overwork the design.

Regal Cards help you set the right tone for your special day. With some work, you can choose the perfect wedding cards for your nuptials.