Pharma Marketing: How Covid-19 has changed the landscape

Although all businesses have adapted to the Covid-19 crisis with new methods to protect customer relationships, their core brand and their employees, every business sector has found itself navigating a different new reality.

For marketers in the pharma and healthcare industries, there are many large differences from other business types that need a wholly unique array of considerations.

These differences relate to the product types that are involved as well as the systems for sales and distribution, in addition to the complicated ecosystem of health delivery that extends beyond just consumers and brands to include all kinds of HCPs, hospitals, insurance companies, medical technicians, pharmacies etc.

There are also new sensitivities required for the selling and marketing of products and services related to health given the worldwide public health crisis.

The marketing landscape has changed dramatically but there are a few important things businesses in the pharma industry can do to negotiate through these testing times.

It is vital for pharma and health corporations to exercise responsibility and make societal concerns and the safety and health of individuals their major priorities. It is important to recognize that maintaining goodwill from the public is crucial, and that means eschewing marketing practices that could seem to be exploiting public fear.

However crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic do provide an opportunity to increase credibility with the conveying of relevant and factual information and reaffirming your position as a trusted authority in the pharma and health industry. Visit for more information!