Pain Relief Options After a Whiplash Auto Accident Injury in Orlando

If you sustain a whiplash injury as a result of an automobile accident, then you may experience severe neck and shoulder pain, movement limitation, and even headaches. Symptoms of whiplash can be debilitating and they may prevent you from performing your normal daily activities. Because of this, prompt medical evaluation is essential. Here are some pain relief options to consider after a whiplash auto accident injury in Orlando.

Neck Collar

Your doctor may recommend wearing a soft cervical collar or a neck brace for your whiplash injury. Collars help immobilize your neck so that movement is limited. This helps relieve pain and it also helps prevent further injury to damaged muscles, ligaments, and joints of your neck. Depending on the extent of your injury and your symptoms, your doctor may recommend a rigid cervical collar instead of a soft one.

Hot and Cold Treatments

Other effective pain relief options your doctor may recommend after a whiplash auto accident injury in Orlando are hot and cold treatments. Applying cold packs or ice to your whiplash injury as soon as possible may be recommended to help relieve inflammation of your neck structures. After the inflammation has subsided, hot packs or a heating pad may be recommended to help decrease pain and to boost circulation to injured areas of the neck. Never apply ice directly to your skin because damage to the epidermis or even frostbite may occur. Similarly, avoid putting a hot pack or a heating pad directly over your skin to avoid burns.

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