Outdoor Event? Portable Restroom Rentals Allentown PA At Affordable Prices

If you’re hosting an outdoor party or event, then you always want to make sure everything goes smoothly. You definitely want to make sure you avoid a messy situation. For instance, imagine not having restrooms available for your guests. Picture that scene for one moment and the horror you would have created. Your first priority for throwing any party or event is to make sure the gusts are comfortable. Therefore, you definitely need portable restroom rentals Allentown PA. We can help in that regard, and we can do it at affordable prices.

Who We Are

At Daniel C. Kiriposki Inc a.k.a. Full Moon Rentals, we have been in business for almost 50 years. We are also a family-owned operation with three generations on the job. We offer many services, including professional septic tank cleaning, repairs, and maintenance services in Allentown, Quakertown, and Coopersburg PA, but we’ll focus on our Full Moon Rentals right now.

Full Moon Rentals

The first thing you should know is that you will never find any hidden fees or extra charges with our portable restroom rentals Allentown PA. We are locally-owned and have a reputation to uphold in the community. Not that we would even consider doing those things anyway. It’s not the way we were raised.

As far as needs for portable restrooms, this includes concerts, festivals, outdoor parties, construction sites, sporting events, weddings, and temporary facilities. If you need to rent portable restrooms, you can call us for more information on prices at 610-282-3780.