Our Quick Guide to Purchasing the Best Portable Pizza Oven

After days, weeks or even months of thought, you’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to look into buying a pizza oven for your home. More specifically, you have your eye on one of those portable wood fired pizza ovens you’ve heard so much about recently. However, there’s a lot more thought that must go into purchasing such a useful and long-lasting appliance. You want to make sure the final product you choose meets all of your needs.

Your Budget

One of the first things people take into account when it comes to looking for any new oven, much less portable wood fired pizza ovens, is how much they can afford to spend on their new unit. As you might expect, the quality of your new appliance can directly tie into its price. The best portable wood fired pizza ovens tend to cost more. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere between $100 and $11,000 for portable pizza oven models.

However, this isn’t always the case. With a bit of research, you can find a pizza oven that fits what you want, while also not devastating your budget. Many retailers also hold sales on high-quality models. Therefore, while this attribute is certainly worth keeping in mind, it can be overcome with a bit of retail savviness and patience.

How Much You’ll Be Cooking

Another important aspect to consider with portable wood fired pizza ovens is how often you use them. If you plan to make pizza or other dishes frequently, you want an oven that can handle lots of use with little risk of malfunction. Keep in mind the average portable wood fired pizza ovens don’t have the capacity to handle making large pies; however, a vast number of them are quite sturdy and capable of making multiple smaller pizzas for extended periods.