Oil Change: 4 Must-Know Pointers for Car Owners

It’s wise to know when to get your next oil change in Southwest Fort Worth TX. If you don’t want to deal with the same set of problems you previously encountered when you neglected to have your oil changed on time, then know these tips. By timing it right, you can set your schedule to make sure you won’t miss it this time around.

Consider the popular 3,000-mile rule

When it comes to getting your car’s oil changed, you’ll hear a lot of people saying that the standard answer is the 3,000-mile rule. This means that any time your car’s mileage reaches 3,000, 5,000 or 7,500 miles, you’ll need to go for an oil change in Southwest Fort Worth TX. That doesn’t really apply to all cars, especially to newer models.

Check your manual

The best way to check is to read your manual. This will give you all the information you need about your maintenance and service schedules. Note this down in your calendar and set an alert on your phone or laptop. That way, you can book an auto shop and fix your schedule ahead.

Don’t switch oil brands

Don’t just switch to a new oil brand without consulting your owner’s manual. If you must make the switch to new oil, make sure it’s on the list provided and recommended by your car manufacturer. Using the wrong oil for your car could be as bad as missing an oil change.

Make room for exceptions

In many cases, though, instructions in the manual may not apply to your case. That’s because those instructions work for cars driven under ideal conditions, the Motorist says. If you drive a lot of short trips during cold weather and often drive along dusty roads and gravel roads, you may need to bring your car sooner for an oil change.