Ohio Laws Regarding Requirements for Coverage Provided by a Vehicle Insurance Company in Elyria OH

Ohio has relatively lenient laws in regard to automotive insurance. All drivers are required to have this insurance, but they are allowed to set the liability limit relatively low. An agent representing a Vehicle Insurance Company in Elyria OH is ready to confer with people who may want to change their coverage and have questions about costs and benefits.

Liability Minimum

Ohio state law mandates a minimum of $25,000 liability coverage in auto insurance. Unfortunately, that’s often not nearly enough to pay for another person’s property damage and medical expenses if the policyholder ever causes an accident.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

A related problem is that the law does not require drivers to carry coverage known as uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance. In the case of the driver with the $25,000 liability policy, the person who was seriously harmed by that driver could have his or her own underinsured coverage pay for the remainder of the expenses. Without that coverage from a Vehicle Insurance Company in Elyria OH, there is no obligation to do so, with the exception of collision coverage that pays for damage to the vehicle.

Trying to acquire money from an underinsured or uninsured motorist tends to be futile. Vehicle owners who don’t have enough coverage or don’t bother with insurance at all typically have very little in the way of assets. Since they have no assets to protect, they don’t need a large amount of liability insurance. Personal injury lawyers are very unlikely to file a lawsuit against an individual who doesn’t own any real estate, valuable vehicles or large savings accounts.

Filing a Claim

An agent with an organization such as Schlather Insurance not only helps customers find the best coverage for their needs, the agent also helps them through the process of filing a claim after a collision. Typically the agent takes over entirely after asking the policyholder questions about what occurred. Once the ball is rolling, the agent contacts the customer again to explain what must happen next, such as having estimates made for collision damage and providing documentation of medical expenses. More information on this particular agency can be seen at .