New York-Based Mobile Cardiac PET Scans and Imaging Now Available

Over the last year, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic can be felt everywhere in society, especially in the medical field. The need to physically distance and limit people in buildings has, maked it more difficult to schedule medical appointments at best and has bottle-necked medical care at worst. This can add to the ongoing stress that patients already feel living day-to-day with lockdowns, especially when serious health concerns arise that need to be investigated. Thankfully, there are several options for medical professionals to use to mitigate these issues, which can be very helpful in dense population areas. Options abound whether you need one-on-one consultation in Los Angeles or some form of cardiac imaging in New York.

Thanks to modern medical technology and the miniaturization of components over time, many cardiac imaging tests, up to and including PET scans, can be done outside of the standard diagnostic office setting by using state-of-the-art mobile equipment. In many cases, this allows a mobile setup in non-hospital settings. Lest you think this is something that specific municipalities offer, there are, in fact, companies that specialize in mobile cardiac imaging all across the country, offering both convenience and lockdown-friendly care options wherever they may be needed. 

If you are needing testing via cardiac imaging in New York or you are looking for more information about it, please contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc on their website or contact them by phone at 800-998-2035.