New Homes Construction in Northampton, MA Features Bathroom Remodeling

The two areas of the home that add the most to your home’s overall value if they are remodeled are the bathroom and kitchen. Therefore, if you choose to make an upgrade, it will bode well if you choose one or both of these areas in which to make improvements.

That is why new homes construction in Northampton, MA focuses on highlighting both bathrooms and kitchens. With respect to bathrooms, new home builds and upgrades make it possible to include energy-efficient and spa-like features into a bathroom’s design, whether the bathroom is large or small.
As a result, builders who manage new homes construction and remodeling services note that today’s bathroom is no longer considered a utilitarian type space. Instead, the bathroom is viewed as an area that is defined by convenience and luxury.

Water-saving Fixtures

Water-saving fixtures, such as low-flow toilets and hands-free faucets, are must-have accessories in today’s revitalized or new bathroom. You can also choose shower heads that offer classic features and smart-technology. The new technology not only manages the sizes of the water droplets but directs the thermal dynamics, velocity, and coverage of the spray.

Capturing the Senses

According to professionals who design bathrooms for older and new homes construction projects, the bath of today features high-tech amenities that also capture the senses. These add-ons feature mood-enriching hues—known as chromotherapy—combined with sound systems and even cool cabinets. For instance, you can easily access a cold beverage from a medicine cabinet that is part refrigerator and cabinet.

You can even include a stereo system in the shower. In addition, many of the modern showers are fitted with water pressure and temperature controls, all which can be directed with an LCD-type screen. You will also want to review the new styles of cabinets and countertops. To survey the latest in decorative bathroom ideas visit our website and call for a consultation.