Needle-Free Dental Care: A Guide for Parents

Fear of needles is a common phobia that can affect people of any age. For some, the sight of a needle is enough to make them feel fearful and not want to go through with whatever medical procedure will follow. Adults can often push through this fear, but children may find overcoming what they are feeling to be more difficult. One instance where this can be a problem is when parents take a child to the dentist. Children who are afraid of needles may become agitated if they learn that a shot may be needed for a particular procedure. Fortunately for parents, some dentists offer Needle-Free Dental Care, which can make for a much smoother time at the dentist’s office.

A Comfortable Choice

When children who are afraid of needles know that visiting the dentist will not force them to face their phobia, they will be much less reluctant to go. Parents will have an easier time convincing a child that the trip is necessary. Once children are at the dentist’s office, they will not spend the visit worried about having to handle a procedure involving a needle. This will help them to stay calm, a better state of being for all involved, from the children themselves to their parents and the dentist.

How Does It Work?

The options that are chosen instead of needles may vary from one dentist to the next. One method to numb the mouth without a shot involves using a soaking process to numb nerves. Whatever dental procedure is needed can then be performed. Any child who is afraid of needles will probably much prefer this option over the use of a needle.

Another Consideration

Choosing a dentist who offers needle-free services can also be useful in certain cases even when a child is not afraid of needles. Some children, especially younger ones, are very sensitive to pain. They may not be bothered by the sight of a needle, but could be upset by the pain of a shot. Needle-free options can help a child stay comfortable.

If children are reluctant to go to the dentist due to fearing needles or the pain of a shot, parents should consider Needle-Free Dental Care. It can keep a dentist visit peaceful. Contact Tiny Texans Pediatric Dentistry for more information.

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