Need Immediate Attention? Call an Emergency Dentist in Manassas

Accidents happen, and sometimes a tooth is a victim. If you have a dental emergency that cannot wait, some dentist offices offer emergency services.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

It’s very easy to spot a dental emergency. Examples of a dental emergency include severe pain, bleeding, a tooth that fell out or is about to fall out, unexplainable toothaches, exposed nerves, broken root canal or crown, swollen jaw, or gum. These are all proper reasons for calling an emergency dentist in Manassas.

It’s vital not to shrug these issues off because infection of the mouth can become life-threatening. Even if the infection turns out to be benign, it’s still important to call an emergency dentist in Manassas to make sure that you aren’t in any danger. Incredible emergency dentists are willing to help you out of any situation you may find yourself in with your teeth.

What Isn’t Considered a Dental Emergency?

Some issues do not require an emergency, and if you are suffering from one of these, emergency dentists recommend that you don’t call an emergency dentist.

If you chipped or cracked one of your teeth, it’s not an emergency unless it is giving you excruciating pain. If you’re suffering from a minor toothache, make an appointment with your dentist instead of waiting until the toothache is severe and calling emergency services. Toothaches are common, but once they begin to interfere with daily life, it’s time to call emergency services, contact Cascades Dental of Centreville.

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