Need Braces, Visit An Orthodontist In Lombard

Not everyone has perfect teeth. For those who have crooked or misaligned teeth in Lombard, a common orthodontic solution is braces. Braces apply predictable and steady pressure, and over time, the teeth are slowly repositioned and perfectly aligned.

Initial Preparation

Once you have decided to get braces, the first step is to consult with your dentist. Your dentist or orthodontist will perform a detailed examination; the examination will be accompanied by a series of X-rays of your mouth as well as photographs and an impression of your teeth. The treatment plan is developed from this information.

Fitting The Braces

Once your teeth have been professionally cleaned, the orthodontist will apply a specific dental adhesive to the surface of your teeth. The adhesive is used to attach the brackets. When brackets have been fitted to the teeth, the next stage is installing the arch wire. Everything is held in place by small elastic bands. The fitting of the brackets and arch wire is not painful, although you will feel pressure in your jaw and perhaps a little sensitivity on the cheek. Within a week or so, you will be accustomed to your new braces.

Dental Hygiene

It may take several months or years for the braces to have the desired effect. During this period, it is important that good oral hygiene is practiced. Plan to take more time when brushing and flossing, as the braces make teeth cleaning a little more difficult.

While you are wearing your braces, you will have to pay particular attention to your diet. Foods with high sugar content should be avoided, as should sticky candy, popcorn, and nuts. If you enjoy playing sports, your dentist can provide you with a custom mouthguard; this device will prevent injury to your mouth as well as damage to your braces.

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