Myth Or Bust: Common Myths About Mesa Plank Vinyl Flooring Homeowners Should Know

Homeowners remodeling their houses or families building a new house have flooring on their minds. Which is best for their needs, which is most attractive, and can the budget handle your dream floor? Vinyl tops the list as the most affordable and attractive flooring.

However, there are myths involved in vinyl plank flooring Mesa that homeowners should know. We’ll bust a few of them here.

1. It’s Out Of Date

Myth: Busted

Vinyl flooring has entered the 21st century. Today’s vinyl flooring has had technology morph them from flat sheets into thick planks of surprising style and beauty. They can be made to resemble hard wood with all its grains and markings, or it can be made to look just like natural stone.

2. It’s Cheap

Myth: Busted

Homeowners might fit bargan vinyl flooring into their budget, but they’ll get what they pay for. Today’s vinyl flooring is carefully layered with a thicker wear layer over the underlying vinyl layers. It’s made to be waterproof, stainproof, and can handle heavy traffic.

3. It’s Just Like Laminate

Myth: Busted

We beg to differ. Laminate has a wood core, yes, but it’s not waterproof and can be damaged if water enters the joints. Vinyl is vinyl right down to the core and can’t be damaged by water.

4. The Design Will Wear Off

Myth: Busted

Vinyl plank flooring Mesa has a life of about 15 years. So does the pattern stamped into the vinyl. If you choose vinyl flooring that resembles hard wood or natural stone, chances are good that if you sell your house, the vinyl will look as real and as good as the day it was installed.

Vinyl flooring features all the technological advances that have been made in recent years. It’s sturdy, waterproof, stainproof, and holds up well in heavy foot traffic. Contact Homesolutionz at for more information about vinyl plank flooring.