Movers in Birmingham, AL and Some Questions About the Moving Process

Moving can definitely be a very difficult and stressful process. This is especially true if have never performed a relocation before. It is literally a project! Regardless of whether you have moved previously, your upcoming move can be made much easier with the help of professional movers. Birmingham, AL residents can place all of the burden and heavy loads of the move into the capable hands of an experienced and reliable moving company. Moving customers may have some questions on their mind to ask a moving agency. Here are some of those possible questions as well as the answers.

When is the Busiest Time of the Year to Move?

The absolute busiest season of the year for moving companies is during late spring and throughout the summer – in other words during the warmer months of the year. During this time of the year you will most likely find that movers are more booked up than during other times of the. As well close to the end of these months, business may even be heavier since many companies choose to relocate during this time. So if you are planning to move, take this into consideration and plan and schedule you relocation earlier enough in advance in order to obtain the services of a particular moving agency.

What Occurs During the Initial Home Visit?

Reliable movers will often send relocation professional to your home prior to your move in order to take an inventory of your items. This gives the company an opportunity to provide an accurate estimate of the moving costs. Be sure to ask questions and let the mover know exactly what needs to be moved.

What Kinds of Estimates?

In the world of moving, there are general two kinds of moving estimates – non-binding and binding estimates. Non-binding estimates are calculated and charged based on the actual weight of your items designated for transport on moving day itself – the cost of the services provided being added to that cost as well. A binding estimate is a contract that describes in advance the exact cost of the moving service based on the services requested. If any service is added during the course of the move, the cost of that service is added to the binding estimate cost.