Modernizing and Upgrading A Business Alarm System in Bowling Green KY

Having a well maintained business security system is necessary for both security and peace of mind. Unfortunately, many businessowners have outdated business alarm systems that are not compatible with the modern communications technology of today. This means that families who use mobile phones or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) must maintain, and pay for, a land line in order to maintain communication between their business security system and the alarm company call center. Fortunately, there is now an adaptive technology that allows businessowners to upgrade their Business Alarm System in Bowling Green KY. With this upgrade, the businessowner keeps his or her existing equipment, and simply installs the new Smart Alarm system.

How does this new system work?

First, the customer installs the new Smart Alarm system using instructions that have been emailed to them. This is an extremely easy process, and there is no charge for this. Once the new system is installed, the businessowner no longer needs to rely on their land line phone for communication. Instead, they can monitor the security system via their computer or other internet capable device. In addition to the services that are provided with a standard business security system, the Smart Alarm provides additional features. One of these is E-Notify. With E-Notify, customers are notified via email or pager when an event occurs. For example, the businessowner may elect to receive an email when their child leaves for school in the morning and activates the security system. Next View video surveillance is an additional enhancement available to customers. This comes with an iPhone App allowing customers to view their property from their mobile phone.

What are the benefits of upgrading my Business Alarm System in Bowling Green KY?

By selecting this new technology, the customer has greater peace of mind knowing that they can keep tabs on their business or businesss from any location, as long as they have an internet connection. Because the system doesn’t require a land line to stay connected and functional, the customer may save money by having that service disconnected. Finally, because the system uses internet technology, the customer can maintain his or her account, view any events that have been logged by the system, and order upgrades, simply by going online. For more details on this modern business security system visit