Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Commercial Landscape Company

Commercial and industrial property owners, as well as those managing hospitals, school, and government campuses and facilities, often find themselves in the position of hiring a commercial landscape company.

As with most types of services, there is a range of different companies offering landscaping services. Some are small companies that are locally owned and operated, and others are larger companies with multiple locations and a large full-time staff.

Choosing the right commercial landscape company in Scotts Valley is important in maintaining the grounds in top shape. Avoiding the most common mistakes in hiring will ensure you choose the best service provider for the job.

Failing to Research the Company

Finding out about the experience and the scope of work offered by any commercial landscaping service should be a priority. Most companies will have a website to provide information on services they offer. If you are not putting out an RFP (request for proposals) for the job, take the time to research any company you are considering before you give them a call.

Not Reading the Estimate and Contract Completely

Ask the landscape company in Scotts Valley to provide you with an estimate for the services they recommend for the property. This will vary based on the current landscaping, the type of gardens, trees and shrubs in place and if you are requesting any changes to the current grounds.

Make sure the contract includes all the information from the estimate in writing in clear, precise language. Do not sign any contract if the landscaping service verbally agrees to add services but does not include a written statement to include the additional services.

Not Reviewing Past Work

Ask for properties in your location the landscape company currently maintains. Top landscapers will happily provide references in your general area allowing you to talk to the property manager or owner as well as take a look at the quality of work you can expect. For more information visit https://kndlandscaping.com/